Sunsets in Montañita

Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Magaluf of South America, its Ecuador's very own Zante. Montañita was where I chose to turn 23, celebrate Australia Day and finish off my Ecuadorian travel experience. 8 days after arriving and the same number of sunsets later we forced ourselves to move on with significantly lighter wallets and splitting headaches. You have reached Montañita the ultimate backpacker party stop.

Montañita at a glance

 ✓ Language: Spanish

✓ Currency: US Dollar 

✓ Street food: $1-$4 - The most street food we've seen

  Restaurant food: $3-$10 - Look out for smaller restaurants with Menu del Dia

 ✓ Drinking: Cerveza $1 Cocktails $3

 ✓ Where to stay: Iguana Backpackers - Request the loft

 ✓ Must try food: Rasta Pan, Donde Topa, Ceviche

 ✓ Places of interest: Cocktail Alley

All prices in US Dollar

Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita
Birthday party 

Why Montañita?

When cocktails are pint sized, rum based and $2 it's very easy to see why so many people arrive in Montañita and never actually leave.

Montañita is ugly, actually it's a hideously over built and messy looking coastal town with make shift bars and pop up stalls everywhere. Except for the beaches for Montañita and the long coast line there isn't anything natural about Montañita. But, it's incredibly welcoming.

Montañita sucks the tourists in, the vibe and party atmosphere make even the biggest critic want to stay. Every aspect of Montañita is developed so visitors can enjoy and have a good time. You can arrive easily from the North or South and all the passing busses stop on the main road to collect leavers and drop off the new arrivals. We came from Puerto Lopez on our bus and the journey took around an hour. Others chose to stop off at Olon, a smaller, quieter surf town 15 mins from Montañita.

Sleeping, Eating and Drinking

Montañita on the Ecuador coast is the definition of a beach-side party town and I would compare it to any of the European party islands in a flash. There is more street food in Montañita than probably the whole of Ecuador's capital Quito and every restaurant serves up traditional and non-traditional cuisine to the thousands of backpackers and travellers that arrive in Montañita every weekend. Enjoy a Rasta Pan ($3) - folded pizza from one of the stands on Cocktail Alley. Look out for pizza cones too, another popular Montañita special.

Grab yourself a Bloody Mary from Cocktail Alley ($3) or any other cocktail you may fancy. If there's space jump on one of the plastic chairs at your favorite cocktail stand and don't be surprised if you get a little discount for spending more time there.

Breakfast is also served near cocktail alley under the multi-coloured umbrellas you can grab a toastie, smoothie or a crepe ($2) or the ultimate hangover cure of frozen yogurt ($2.50).

Dorms will set you back around $10 and they fill up fast. Try to sleep in the loft at Iguana Backpackers Hostel ($8) and just for a little while enjoy the madness of sleeping in a space with 12 others and no walls. Iguana Backpackers also has a small bar, communal area and a kitchen if you decide to save a few dollars and cook.

The Beach

At 5pm sharp, daily - travellers fill the sands of Montañita to watch the surf and the sunset. Backpackers trying to make it in Montañita walk the sands selling drinks, sandwiches, space cakes and homemade jewelry and rock bottom prices to newly arrived tourists. Groups enjoy a drink from Cocktail Alley whilst surfers surf and the sun begins to set. 

During the day the beach is equally as busy - the waves are big but the water is cool and the many beach bars and beach clubs offer shade if you're willing to rent a bed. We booked a bed at one of the quiet beach clubs for my birthday and spent the day in the shade enjoying bargain cocktails and friendly service.  

Sunsets in Montañita

The masses arrive at the beach with cameras read. Montañita is famous for the incredible sunsets and it seems time stands still for the 30 minutes the sun takes to set. Groups gather, sellers sell and surfers surf and everyone on the sands of Montañita faces the water to catch the perfect shot or the perfect Pacific sunset.

Don't be shocked at the impromptu round of applause once the sunsets and the music begins. Another wild night in Montañita is about to commence and many don't leave the beach for hours.

If anything, Montañita is nothing more than a grubby party resort but for the sunsets alone it's worth a night or two. Check out the infamous Cocktail Alley, spend as much as you like on all the tasty street food and whatever you do you must stay in the loft of Iguana Backpackers for $8.

Stick Montañita on your travel bucket list and when in Ecuador, do as everyone else does and head to the crowded beach of Montañita for a weekend of fun, friends and of course sunsets.

The Sunsets of  Montañita

Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita
Incredible sunsets - some of the best in South America

Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita

Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita
So stunning. We watched the sunset from the beach every single day
Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita
Everyone gathered on the beach for the perfect sunsets
Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita

Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita

Ecuador, Travel, Sunsets, blogger, travel blogger, travelsandmore, Montanita
Icecream and surfers

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