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I'm a 20-something Tourism Management graduate currently living in Liverpool, UK. I've always had itchy feet and a burning desire to travel. It all started when I went to work in Tuscany, Italy at the age of 18.

Since then I've been to 27 different countries mainly in Europe and Latin America (Central & South), but I've also been to Cambodia. I'm a really passionate person and always find myself wanting to learn, explore and develop as a human.

It's probably obvious but I'm super passionate about travel and culture. I love experiencing new things and learning all the time, I'm a general all round lover of life. I think studying Travel and Tourism and then going on to do a Tourism Management degree gives my style of travel a different perspective. I have a profound love for nature and being in the wilderness, there's nothing quite like watching a volcano erupt or riding a kayak on one of the worlds biggest lakes.

Sustainable development and social responsibility are also things that are very important to me and they both come hand in hand with a traveller life style. Understanding communities and how they interact and develop is key to sustainable travel and its my job as a responsible traveller to promote that.

I started travelsandmore in October 2015 with no real clue of what blogging actually entailed. I was one month into a six month trip through Central and South America and loved the idea of documenting my travels and photos to share with my friends and family.

I uploaded posts to travelsandmore steadily during my six month trip and blogged about my favourite places and the things I'd experienced on the road.

Although  travelsandmore is just a hobby for me I've always enjoyed writing and sharing experiences through the medium of blogging. I'm working on travelsandmore all the time and I'm always eager to hear constructive advice, criticisms and feedback so don't hesitate to let me know what you love and hate. If you like what you see here then please subscribe. I'm on Instagram and Facebook and I'm also a frequent Tweeter, I share all kinds of travel related content from all my favorite travel bloggers.

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travelsandmore was originally just an outlet to document my travels. It turned into something more quite quickly and now its more of an obsession for me than anything else. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to subscribe, I'll only ever send you my latest travel related blog posts right to your inbox.